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A Parenting Time Expediter is appointed by Court Order pursuant to Minnesota Statute §518.551 to resolve parenting time disputes based on an existing parenting time order. The expeditor does not have the authority to modify custody or parenting time but only to interpret and enforce an existing parenting time schedule. Common issues submitted to the PTE involved vacation and holidays or temporary changes to the schedule. The PTE process is confidential, meaning conversations with the expediter cannot be shared with the court unless a written decision is issued by the PTE.  In that instance, the PTE decision can  be shared with the court for enforcement.  The PTE decision is binding and has the full force and effect of a court order.  PTE decisions can be challenged in court if done so within the timing and manner set forth in the Order Appointing the PTE. Most often a retainer is required by the PTE that must remain funded throughout the process.  The typical length of a PTE appointment is 2 years, though parties may negotiate otherwise.  Both Dan and Traci are trained Parenting Time Expeditors. 


Parenting time expediter

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